photo of Tamsin ConstableWelcome.

This blog started off as a way to record family fun with nature and the outdoors. After doing an MA in Anthrozoology (human-animal studies), I am now increasingly interested in our relationships with wildlife and nature, and how the arts in general and writing in particular can be a tool to explore that.

I have worked for BBC Wildlife Magazine, written natural history tv scripts, co-authored several natural history books and written one of my own Chimpanzees, BBC (2000). In 2014, I had a wonderful month-long adventure sailing around the Canadian Arctic (Baffin Island), having been hired to write a diary on board a wildlife-watching ship.

I also offer corporate writing services, including plain English business writing (see here).

Twitter @ConstableTL

Looking for Dragons – the title
I wanted to capture the spirit and magic of nature beyond scientific fact. The title comes from the poem ‘Us Two’, by AA Milne, which has the line ‘Let’s look for dragons’.