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We found droppings. Faeces. Actually, to sound like I know what I’m talking about, I’m now going to call it a ‘scat’.

As scats go, this was a rather beautiful specimen. Glossy, almost jet black, and packed throughout with bright red berries. Something had been feasting among the nearby rowan trees, all of which were laden with clusters of the berries and were cleverly spreading their seeds through that something’s bottom.

Now I do enjoy a good scat (I once learned how to tell how far away an elephant was by sticking my finger in its poo to see how warm it was, but that’s another story). But this scat was in a really weird location: not on the ground, but instead right on the top of a wooden fence post.

Later, a quick Google swiftly led me to identify the poo-er as a black bear. Once I’d recovered from the fact that we’d nearly been eaten alive, and wondered about whether Grub and I would have tossed Moth to the bear as bait in order to save ourselves, and would there have been anything of us to left to bury once the bear had finished with them…

Anyway, once I’d finished indulging all that, I concluded that it wasn’t bear. It’s almost definitely fox (I did seek the opinion of an expert). But how the hell the scat ended up on top of a fence post beats me (and the expert).

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  1. Sarah says:

    This has made me laugh as have your other posts too. Life as a real mum shines through with your sense of humour and your ability to observe. I shall carry on reading

    love S

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