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Here’s Mansell, a two-year-old who thinks it’s perfectly normal to ask politely of his new neighbour, ‘And what instrument do you play?’

Well, you would, wouldn’t you, if your mum won’t put her banjo down and your dad’s one of the country’s best Bluegrass fiddle players (Richard Partridge).

We caught up with this ridiculously musical family at a Bluegrass festival. They’re a hardy bunch, these Bluegrass folk, and the music hardly stopped, in spite of the downpours. In fact if anything, the music was more incessant than the rain, which was quite something. They simply abandoned the campsite for the nearest pub – and Mansell couldn’t wait to join them. I loved watching our son play with Richard, but watching little Mansell was a lesson in what it’s like for toddlers for whom music matters as much as milk.

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