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Every time I come back to AA Milne, I re-discover pure magic. There’s so much in his stories about being outdoors, about a childhood spent in nature, and about how ‘simply being’ is enough. I’ve just read this poem to my six-year old.

John had great big waterproof boots on
John had a great big waterproof hat
John had a great big waterproof Macintosh
And that
(Said John)
Was that.

I love it, I love the marching, puddle-stomping beat, the fierce determination of emerging independence. So I read it twice. I was rewarded with the following response from my son: ‘I didn’t even ask for a poem. Can you read me a Thomas book?’

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  1. He he. Sounds like my 6 year old. I can never predict his response to creative stimuli. Sometimes I get a delayed interest from him – and it takes me by surprise, and I’ll think: what poem/story/picture/song/idea did you want me to tell you again?

    Just found you on Mumsnet Bloggers. I’ve just had my own blog added to the site. Do pop over and say hello if you get a chance.


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