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Story, discovery, wildlife and children – what a heady combination!

I was entranced by the short (7mn) film ‘Astonish Me’ by writer Stephen Poliakoff and BAFTA-winning director Charles Sturridge, in which a boy gets the chance to go behind the scenes at the Natural History Musuem and glimpse some recently discovered animals. It captures the thrill of a natural world still unknown to us, communicating a conservation message that is embedded in excitement and mystery rather than doom and gloom.

The film, made to celebrate WWF’s 50th anniversary, will be shown at Odeon before some children’s films until 11 August.

Here’s a short interview of Poliakoff and Sturridge discussing the film.

Stephen Poliakoff and Charles Sturridge on Astonish me from WWF-UK on Vimeo.

You can see the film itself here.

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