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A group of nine children, an assortment of parents, on a sunny afternoon in a park in north Leeds… what better opportunity for making ice-cream in a bag? We’d got the recipe out of a newspaper, so it was simply a matter of filling an ice-box with sugar, salt, ice-cubes, chocolate milk, bowls, napkins and spoons.

The secret? It’s all in the shaking. It was huge fun seeing the children doing this, and I managed to get a few shots, so here’s a short video. I even managed to find some ragtime music for the shaking bit, though getting one dad’s legs to dance in time to the beat took a bit of doing.

Next time, though – we’ll bring gloves (like it says on the recipe), because the bags did get extremely cold. Anyway, I’ve had huge fun putting this together. It’s also a record of a lovely group of children I’ve known since they were all bumps.

And it’s my entry for the Brit Mums vlogging competition.


  1. Mandy says:

    It’s ace, Tamsin: you’ve captured the fun of it v well! Great to recognise those swings and roundabouts in the background: any time you want a large black dog to add to the general mayhem, let me know…

  2. Rosie Ro says:

    Hi T, I haven’t been able to access your vlog. Most frustrating – espesh as I really do like chocolate ice cream.
    \bests, and love,
    you know whoo

  3. Andrea says:

    Hi Tamsin, I really enjoyed seeing your ice-cream making in action. Entertaining and personal.. and I learnt something new. Great stuff.

  4. Jackie Elton says:

    I love this video post, it really made me smile. Hope you win.
    I may even try it with the kids.
    Keep having fun.

  5. Hi Tamsin
    I love this. Had no idea you could do this! Proper magic. You’ve really captured the atmosphere. Love the music and the shaking bit. And just lovely to see so many kids having so much fun with science thrown in too 😉

  6. Tom Carrick says:

    Love this video and what a fab idea. Now where did I put those zip lock bags………..

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