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Want to watch butterflies while you eat breakfast? Just plant up a butterfly-friendly window box.

Here’s a short video of plants for butterflies, with a bit showing children planting up a window box at the end, all summery guitar strumming and fluttery inspiration.

I found it after trying to work out what to do with a particularly miserable looking patch of my own garden.
Some people love planning and thinking about their gardens, but I have neither the patience nor the strength of character to do this. I’ll get loads of books out of the library, read them, experience great zest and commitment, and then flop with exhaustion at the very thought of handling a fork. Simple and brainless it must be.

So it was with great joy that I discovered that the Butterfly Conservation Society knows how to handle lazy wildlife-lovers like me. They’ve kindly furnished me with everything I need – a list of top ten nectar plants, and a planting scheme.

Hurray! A nectar bar! No thinking required!

1. Buddleia
2. Ice Plant
3. Lavender
4. Michaelmas Daisy (Aster)
5. Marjoram
6. Red Valerian
7. Aubretia
8. Field Scabious
9. Scabious
10. Bramble

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