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Have you got an unused outdoor environment right on your doorstep? If you live on a residential street, it’s not the same as a ‘road’. You can stop the cars.

Check out this inspiring video of what happened when a couple of UK mums organised a stewarded road closure for their street. Never mind the fact that children were free to enjoy the environment on their doorstep… Just listen to the knock-on effects on everyone else.

Playing Out from Paul Gilbert on Vimeo.

“This project is partly about challenging the perception that streets are nothing but ‘roads’ and demonstrating their possibilities as public and play spaces,” the organisers explain. ‘A playing out event is a first step towards changing attitudes about the place of cars in residential streets. Ideally, our streets would be spaces where cars and people of all ages can coexist happily. This is our long-term goal.’

We’re hatching a plan…

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  1. Rosie says:

    This is such a good idea! I hate how children can’t really play out in the streets anymore.

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