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Answer: tadpoles!

I vividly remember collecting dozens of tadpoles to ‘grow on’ in a tank, when I was about 10 or 11. It was a complete disaster, because I didn’t have a clue what to feed them. They all died, and I felt so bad about my lack of tadpole husbandry skills ever since that I’ve never dared try again.

But that’s just changed, thanks to the children raising tadpoles on the Life at the Zoo blog. Here’s their post about tadpoles and here’s the post about lettuce, with some lovely short video clips explaining what they’re up to, courtesy Maggy Woodley.

That’s it! Bank holiday nature activity sorted. We’re off to get some tadpoles. And then we’ve got to go to the greengrocer’s because I’m about to do something in the kitchen I never thought I’d do: boil lettuce, because that’s what tadpoles are apparently mad for.

If only I’d known that when I was 10.

PS – update – Maggy says the next step is feeding the tadpoles meat. She doesn’t say whether that needs boiling, too, so I await the updates with bated breath…

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