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I was doing the dishes late last night when I spotted a huge leopard slug on the kitchen floor. It was tucking into a bit of grated cheese on the floor, all chomping jaws and lively tentacles. Usually, I sling the things straight outside. But this time I checked my instinct. After all, it’s a lonely old business, this midnight washing up chore....
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Can anyone identify this skull?

Posted by on February 8, 2011
We soaked the owl pellet, picked out the bones and rinsed them in clean water. We don’t know what the owl’s meal was. Can anyone identify this skull?
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Pay attention

Posted by on February 4, 2011
Moth kept talking. Trying to get my attention. I kept fobbing him off, barely glancing away from the monitor. Eventually, he opened my desk drawer, got out a block of post-it notes and a pen and disappeared. A few minutes later (or was it an hour?) he stuck this on top of my keyboard. I’ve stuck it up right above the computer as a reminder. Of...
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