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Reading with Mr Impossible

Posted by on December 14, 2010
Moth was refusing to read. He has a log book from school so that we can all track how he’s doing. The comments from teachers to date have included: ‘Had to have lots of support.’ ‘Needs help sounding words out.’ And ‘Needs to build his confidence.’ We parents are supposed to write in the log book, too. My feedback is usually something...
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I’m a stranger: run, child, run.

Posted by on December 10, 2010
The boys came home from school with some more printed paranoia, this time disguised as a respectable bookmark with advice about bullying. But there, near the bottom, this: ‘If you see a stranger and they come up to you always say NO and tell an adult about this, never go with them and shout as loud as you can NO’ In the past few weeks, the following...
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A friend was due to arrive for tea. I had planned to do bake some biscuits, but I was out of butter. I turned to Grub, who is 8½. ‘Would you like to go and buy some butter?’ I asked him. ‘From Mr Singh’s?’ ‘No, from the supermarket.’ I fully expected him to jump at the chance. He already occasionally goes to the local corner shop. I assumed...
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