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Old Guardian posters as wallpaper

Posted by on November 30, 2010
I can’t bear to think how long these great newspaper freebies have been gathering dust, carefully folded, stored and never looked at. Anyway, I was struck by a Let’s Just Do Something With Them Or We Might As Well Throw Them Out moment, and in a whirlwind of focus, double-sided sticky tape and buzzing family action, managed to do this: The...
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Potter’s cloak or Fabio’s suit?

Posted by on November 26, 2010
Just wait till the boys get home from school! I can’t wait to tell them that Harry Potter’s huge, magical cloak came from a local textile mill just down the road. The Hogwarts cloaks, f.y.i., are made of ‘quality 518/black all-wool twill at 420gms’. Don’t those details just sound luxurious? There’s a longer article about the history and...
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Professor Newton-Bishop adds the following to my previous post. The information applies to you as well as to your children. ‘For a fair-skinned child (blue eyes, or blond, or red-headed, or with freckles) using high SPF sunblock and clothing routinely is sensible if it’s hot. If this is the case, then supplementation is also sensible, especially...
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It may seem like a strange time of year to write about sunburn. But my brother-in-law, Trevor, died of melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer, four years ago today, and the local travel shop windows are loaded with winter breaks to hot places. So I want to mark the day by writing about the latest sun advice, particularly about how to make sure...
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My magic toilet

Posted by on November 16, 2010
Let me tell you about our toilet. It’s magic. You know you these days you can get self-cleaning ovens, self-cleaning windows and self-cleaning litter boxes? Well, get this: we have a self-cleaning toilet. You’ve probably come across something similar in some town square. You know, one of those great big metal monstrosities that you see in public...
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How to treat our husbands

Posted by on November 10, 2010
I’ve lived in Yorkshire for more than a decade. I been with my very own Yorkshireman for, ooh, much longer than that. And my children are fast picking up the dialect. They’ll deflect a reprimand with: ‘But mum, I didn’t do owt!’. Or, in response to the ridiculous question ‘What did you do at school?’, I can,...
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Why I hate Halloween

Posted by on November 2, 2010
I hate Halloween. But I have two children of perfect trick or treat age, whose every sinew quivers in excitement at the very mention. So, once again, off we go, into the suburban drizzle of our cut-through road (oh, for a cul-de-sac!). Here’s why. I hate the fact that, for around two weeks before 31 October, I start making a mental note to myself...
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